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Flying Turtles Pre-School

Flying Turtles Pre-School


Now offering: 3 FREE school days for over 3 year olds.

Flying Turtles Pre-School is a centre for 4-6 year olds.  It was established in August 2010 to complete the Pukekohe Pre-School Family.  Prior to this Prickly Hedgehog Pre-School and Little Pukeko's Pre-School were mixed aged, 0-5 year old centres.  At the age of 4 children from both our younger centres and the wider community are welcome to transition into our centre.  

Our philosophy is based on respect, relationships, and the environment.  We provide an inclusive place where tamariki are happy and feel valued.  Our tamariki are encouraged to become socially and emotionally competent in preparation for school.  Tamariki are able to make their own decisions and are encouraged to extend their ideas and explorations through play.  

Do come in and meet us.  You are so very welcome!






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