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Philosophy - Prickly Hedgehog

At Prickly Hedgehog Pre-School we are committed to providing the best possible care and education.  
Collectively - we believe; 
Relationships, interactions and respect are a vital component of Early Childhood Education.  We are influenced by a collection of philosopher's beliefs and values in education and by our New Zealand Early Childhood curriculum - Te Whaariki.  
Teaching and Learning
The teacher is considered a co- learner with the child, not just an instructor.  We, as teachers, are here to facilitate the child's learning by planning experiences based on the child's interests and dispositions, asking questions to further understanding, observing, and actively engaging in experiences alongside the child.  We have respect for, and trust in the baby, toddler, and young child to be an initiator, an explorer and a self-learner.  
We believe that children must have some control over the direction of their learning; children must be able to learn through touching, moving, listening, seeing and hearing; children must have endless ways and opportunities to express themnselves.
Children can best create meaningful and more complex play through inviting, well planned and sustained environments.  We believe that having pets encourage empathy, education about caring for others and respect for living things.  Allowing children freedom of movement is important to us.  We care for, respect and understand their individual needs and emotional wellbeing.  We value papatuanuku and encourage knowledge , understanding and participation in caring for our earth.  
We truly believe that you, as parents and whanau, are the child's first educators.  Therefore, establishing and maintaining positive relationships and having ongoing open communication is vital.  This links home and centre and allows for teamwork and a strong sense of belonging for all.  Together, we can offer a broader range of knowledge and ideas to assist in your child's journey.  
We honour and value our te tiriti o Waitangi.  We believe that our bi-cultural and multi-cultural approach is respectful and inclusive.  Cultural differences and similarties are embraced.  We are sensitive and responsive to the different cultures and heritages amoung our families.  We invite all whanau to share and celebrate our individual uniqueness.  

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