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Little Pukeko’s Preschool has hard working, passionate Teachers. The Teachers of Little Pukeko’s put so much into building relationships with each and everyone of their children. We have three boys, 5,3 and 1. Each one of them with their own personalities, and interests and each one of them treated with unconditional love, and motivation. The Little Pukeko’s Team are like Family, they always have time for a chat, a word of advice or just a listening ear. Knowing we can fully entrust them with our precious little humans is an incredible blessing. There are always new learning opportunities, special spaces created for interests, day trips, and just going for a casual walk in Pukekohe. All and all what every Parent seeks  when looking for the perfect Preschool. You will love it, you won’t have regrets well maybe only one- that you didn’t enrol them in Little Pukeko’s sooner. 

- The Boshoff family.

My daughter has attended Prickly Hedgehog Pre-school since she was 11 months old. She settled into preschool so easily and always gets so excited when we pull up to preschool. She is well cared for, loved and her learning is always fostered through her interests and passions. The kaiako (teachers) are super passionate and knowledgeable. We, as parents, are always welcomed warmly into the centre.

- Sian.

Little Pukekos Pre-School has been amazing from the get go. From our first day everyone was welcoming, friendly, and reassuring! The facilities are outstanding, and such a good range of activities available everyday. I love getting updates, stories and pictures online, I always feel involved in the learning journey. The best bit is Freddie never wants to come home! 

- Rhiannon.

We love sending our son to Little Pukeko's Preschool, we feel that he is in the safe hands of the wonderful teachers at the centre. When we drop-off our son every day, the atmosphere has such a nice family vibe and all of the kids are included in all areas of play and learning. We love that it is a mixed age environment as we feel that it is important for kids to interact with children of all ages.

- Michelle.

We have been lucky enough to attend both Little Pukeko’s and Flying Turtles over the last three years. I can not speak highly enough of all the staff at both centres, who have taken the time to get to know both of my children, discovering their strengths and nurturing their individual needs. There have been occasions when family members have picked up our children from preschool and each time they have commented on how friendly and approachable all of the teachers are. We love that our kids attend a centre that creates such a fun, caring and engaging environment and I have no hesitation recommending it to other families!

- The Sundgren's.

I feel so comfortable with Prickly Hedgehogs being my extra mummies for my son. They are so warm and inviting and genuinely care for his needs like I would myself. They are kind and caring and patient in ways some days I can’t even be! Every teacher is so caring and creative and let all the kids personalities shine at their own pace while nurturing them at a safe distance. Couldn’t recommend a warmer or safer environment for children to grow, the kids are always smiling and happy and it’s easy to see why! 

- Kylie.

Prickly is our little Princess’s home away from home. The way she runs to give her teachers cuddles in the morning is so heart-warming. The teachers are amazing. We feel so blessed to be part of the Prickly family. We have been to visit MANY preschools before we came to Prickly and we knew this was “home” as soon as we walked in. 

- Leeann and Pierre.

We moved to New Zealand in 2019 as a family of 3. We came over, leaving all our family behind. Our son Luke attended Flying Turtles and the amazing staff became part of our family. They build personal relationships not only with the children, but with their parents too. It was definitely a home away from home for our 3 year old son. When the time came for him to leave Flying Turtles, and attend "big boy school" it was a very sad transition as he wanted to keep "going back home" to Flying Turtles. 


When our family was extended in 2020, there was no doubt in my mind that Little Pukeko's would be our choice for our new baby when the time came for me to go back to work. The ladies there are funny, kind and caring. They have often made me want to spend the day with them there! They go the extra mile and have a real love for the kids. Emily is so blessed to have such wonderful ladies helping her grow and develop every day.

Thank you to all those who have had such an amazing impact on my kids' lives. I couldn't ask for better leaders and teachers for my kids.

- The Blake's.

We have had one child through Pricky Hedgehog Pre-school and a second that has been there since she was 10 months old, she is now 3. To say that our girls felt loved and treasured would be an understatement. The teachers are amazing and truly love the children in their care. The school engages with all types of happenings, like Gumboot Day, various language weeks, World Book Day and many other events that one would only expect at a primary school level. The children take part in so many activities that are already teaching them valuable life skills. Our girls have been set on a solid path in education and I am so grateful knowing that they are in exceptionally good hands whilst we are at work!!

- Debbie.

Little Pukeko’s is an absolutely wonderful centre. All the staff are incredible at what they do. It’s a warm welcoming place that soon becomes a second home for your child. The centre is well equipped with loads for the kids to do and a nice size and ratio of babies to 3 year olds. Our whanau have loved our time there and will be very sad when it’s our time to leave. 

- Te Reina.

Our daughter has been at Little Pukeko's since she was 6 months old (now 3).  She, and we, love the staff and atmosphere at LPP.  Everyone is so friendly and welcoming.  The kids get a chance to take risks in a safe way, explore in new ways and learn as they go.  I don't want my daughter to ever leave!

- Raewyn Austin

My son has attended Flying Turtles Pre-school after turning four and transitioning from a very happy three years at Prickly Hedgehog Pre-school next door. The team at Flying Turtles have always made me feel very welcome, the environment has always been positive and overall presentation of the centre has impressed me.

Aidan is now transitioning to school and has just completed his enrolment at Primary School.  Thanks to the support and learning environment of the centre, he has achieved all the necessary skills to be accepted straight into curriculum learning.  The feeling of pride in having your child be completely prepared and confident for his next step into the future is priceless.  A parent only can wish for the best opportunities for their child – and thanks to Flying Turtles and the amazing educators, I have the benefit of knowing Aidan’s foundation in learning is strong.

I have always felt very comfortable with leaving him with the teachers.  I feel he is in an environment that has always been strongly child-lead for discovery and learning, with so much fun and social interaction.  Focus has always been on actively encouraging the children to initiate the learning experience and develop it as far as they wish it to go.  I have never heard a teacher tell any child there that they have moved on from a specific learning experience – I like that the children are not limited in that way.  I also appreciate the work they do with the children to maintain positive relationships with not only the teachers and children at the centre, but also with myself as a parent and other people in general.

The outdoor area is fantastic! There are new activities added regularly and the facilities are great.  The indoor area is well set out and there is plenty of opportunity for quiet play/learning.  There are always so many options of play available both inside and outside.  Aidan can choose what he prefers and a teacher will always gravitate over to him to see how he finds the activity and ask him questions about what he is doing and use it to further his experience.

They regularly go on field trips and I have always felt Aidan was in good hands while out and about.  I love that he gets to see and do so many different things.  It really builds on the strong level of learning he experiences at the centre.

I love the Educa website. It is so great that technology is so widely used and embraced by the centre. It is my immediate link to Aidan and enables me to provide feedback straight away, plus my parents can also see what their grandson is learning about all the way from Taranaki.  I can access his learning stories whenever I want, and add my own which the centre actively uses to incorporate into Aidan’s learning at the centre.  The Facebook page is also very welcome as I love seeing photos and stories of Aidan.  I think that Flying Turtles is very up to date with forms of communication to parents and that has been beneficial both for Aidan’s development, and for my inclusion in the period of time that Aidan is away from me.

Teachers are very professional and easy to talk to and have always made me feel welcome to discuss any concerns or suggestions. They are very open to a mutual approach for any ideas I have regarding Aidan’s development and have also approached me with their own observations, which has helped me encourage his interests, development and learning at home.  I feel a strong partnership with the centre in the upbringing of my son.

I am a strong supporter of Early Childhood Centres, as my mother was an early childhood educator until her retirement a few years ago.  I place great importance on Aidan’s pre-school years and would not hesitate to recommend Flying Turtles Pre-School (and associated centres Prickly Hedgehog & Little Pukekos) to anyone looking for a quality early education for their child. 

You will forever have my gratitude for everything you have done for us - both Aidan and I will miss all of you.

- H Kerr

My name is Chantel I am Austin's Mum, we started in Little Pukeko's just a month ago.  I just want to take this opportunity to thank you and the Ladies from Little Pukeko's so, so much.  They have been amazing, Austin has settled in so well and even after only his first day there we could already see that he had picked up a few new things from pre-school.  Me and my husband Freddie are so impressed, I was also a pre-school teacher before I had Austin, 3-5 year olds - but boy it is way different when you are looking at things from a parents point of view.  I appreciate every little thing they do.  Monique is a SUPER STAR and Austin loves her, she always gives me an in depth description of his day at school and that makes me feel so at ease (yes I am one of those Mums, my little boy is my LIFE hehe!)  I could write you a novel, but in short thank you, you have made the experience of taking our first child to pre-school the easiest and most memorable experience and we will be forever grateful for it.  

Love and Respect


Chantel & Freddie

- Boshoff Family

For the amazing Prickly Team.
I cannot begin to thank you enough for the love and care you have shown to our little Claudia this past year.  As a parent all you want is for someone else to value and see the strengths in your child that you also value and on a daily basis I feel so blessed to know that you are working with Claudia's strengths to ensure that she becomes the best little human she can be.  The aroha, manakitanga and awhi you give my girl means the world.  Personally, I also thank you for the friendship and genuine care you show to me also and the support and guidance while I also learn on this parenting journey!  It is true, it takes a village to raise a child and I am so lucky that the staff at Prickly are part of this village.
Love Rochelle, Claudia and Shane xxx

- Keown Family

We couldn't be happier that we chose Prickly Hedgehog for our son and daughter to attend, they have been going for 4 weeks and love it.  Both settled in quickly as all the staff are so positive, happy and friendly.  We love hearing about all the different activities they have done, it is clear to see the teachers are passionate about what they do.

- Lorraine Horne

 Testimonial for Prickly Hedeghog Pre-School

I send both my kids to Prickly's. My 3-year-old gets so excited for preschool and runs outside as soon as we get there. My 18-month loves carrying in her lunch box and exploring. When I go and pick them up at the end of the day the staff are still enthusiastic about what your child has done that day and you can tell they love your kids too. My 18-month-old goes around and kisses her teachers at the end of the day. It's so reassuring that while I'm at work someone is looking after my kids with such care.

-          Emma Mitchell

Testimonial for Prickly Hedghehog Pre-School

Moving from South Africa to New Zealand wasn't easy but knowing that Alyx settled in so quickly as a Hedgehog really eased the process. He is so happy at daycare, he leaps out of our arms in the mornings to be with his teachers and just loves feeding the fish. Thank you for all the photos and updates, it's helped put our minds at ease. We are really glad that we found Prickly Hedgehog Pre-School. 

-          Stephanie Baldwin

Testimonial for Prickly Hedgehog Pre-School

We can’t speak high enough about Prickly Hedgehog Preschool. Our boys have enjoyed every minute. Always so welcome each morning, has such a family feeling. Fun activities and plenty of entertainment, couldn’t ask for more.

-          Amy Poutama


Testimonial for Little Pukeko's

We enrolled our little man when he was only 7 months old at Little Pukeko's after having had our older two children cared for at another centre, but by the same staff.  

We were very nervous as this was the youngest we had put any of children into care.  The staff at Little Pukeko's made the whole process easy to cope with, for both myself and our baby.  

I was able to return to work knowing my baby was being cared for in a nurturing and caring environment, all his needs were being met and during his time there he grew into a confident, caring, fun, extremely happy little man.

Keian's love of exploring and curious nature was always encouraged from which he has developed a passion for learning.

The staff at Little Pukeko's were always available to discuss any concerns we had and I consider them family.  They played a huge role in the daily raising of our baby and if we could, we would have taken the staff with us when we moved towns to continue caring for our son, we wouldn't have hesitated.  

I have since recommended Little Pukeko's to friends that are considering putting their little ones into childcare and will continue to do so.  

We miss you

- The Sperry Family

 Testimonial for Prickly Hedgehog Pre-School

James' interest have been broadened hugely from when he first started at Prickly.  He enjoys learning and his thirst for knowledge is consistently fed.  He is physically, mentally and emotionally challenged on a daily basis.

James loved the topic about wild animals and this was fostered with a trip to the zoo.  He loves watering and planting the garden, which coincided with his real need for helping others.  It's also great to see James playing with a mixture of children rather than being so attached to one particular child.  It's fantastic to see James learning such a broad range of things and his hunger for learning.  For example, just yesterday, James was busy telling me about the spine of a book and how important it is for keeping the pages together.  When asked where he had learnt this, he casually replied "my teachers".  He has a close relationship with all of his teachers and it is obvious they care for and respect James.  Thank you all for your hard work with my James!

- Sam Gallaher

Testimonial for Prickly Hedgehog Pre-School

I don't know where to start... I was a little apprehensive to leave my baby girl with people that, at the start of the year, we did not know.  Meggie settled into Prickly's so well and has now become part of 'the furniture'.  You all have made her, Skylar, Phoenix and myself feel part or your family, and for that I thank you so much.  I feel so happy and comfortable with leaving her and feel as if the kids and I have developed a wonderful relationship with you all.  Thank you so much for taking care of this beautiful girl, who we love more than words can say.  You are all amazing people and the way that you all genuinely care about Meggie just blows me away, so thank you from the bottom of my heart!

-Amy Ash

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