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Why Choose our Pre-Schools?

The Owner/Licensee has passionately and mindfully built the three centres based on trust, security, respect, and caring, for the children that pass through them at the start of their away-from-home learning journey.  Importantly, they have been built for children to have inordinate amounts of FUN.

Only educators that share the passion and that fully identify with the ideals on which these preschools have been built have been taken on to deliver on the promise that these preschools provide the best early childhood education and care in Franklin.  All facilities are built to a very high standard and are extremely safe.  The resources are of the highest quality and maintained or replaced so standards are always high.  

The cultures that have evolved in these centres are based on the principles described above, but vary in style and purpose; Flying Turtles Pre-School is exclusively for children 4 years and above, and the other two are different in ways that parents/caregivers should evaluate for themselves.

The three ECE centres in Graham Street, Pukekohe:-

 We invite you to come and visit our Centres, which are situated in Graham Street, Pukekohe. We have an open door policy where families can visit at any time.  

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Why Choose Pukekohe Preschools
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