The centre is open between 7.30-5.30pm Monday to Friday.  We offer full-day sessions, school day sessions 8.30-3pm, and 4 hour morning or afternoon sessions for 3 years +.

We have an open door policy at our centres.  We encourage parents to phone or email if they have any concerns regarding their child settling into the centre.  

The centre provides morning and afternoon tea.  This includes healthy snacks and water.  Water is available at all times for children to drink.  Parents are responsible for bringing their child a packed lunch.  The centre has a healthy eating policy and requests no sweets, chocolate, twisties, and no juice etc to be included in lunch boxes.  We also have a NO PEANUT policy as some children have severe allergies.  This includes no peanut butter.  

Please dress your child for play!  We will have a lot of messy activities and cannot guarantee that we will be able to send your child home as clean as when they arrived.  Always send at least two changes of clothes with your child.  Please ensure all clothing and shoes are named.

Routine times are encouraged for children learning to use the toilet.  Please provide plenty of disposable nappies if your child is not yet toilet trained.

If your child is at the centre all day there is a quiet area provided if they need a sleep or rest. Mattresses and bedding is provided.

For safety reasons you are required to sign your child in and out of the centre.

Personalised sun hats and beanies are available to purchase for $15.00.

Parents receive regular portfolio updates via Educa, our online portfolio system.  Parents are able to invite other family members/ to view the portfolio online.  A hard copy of the portfolio is available to take home at your request.

If your child is sick and unable to attend, please phone or email the centre by 8.00am.  If your child requires medication please do not send them within 24 hours of starting the medication.  Payment is still required if your child is absent through illness.  We do not allow swap days to make up for absences.  

We offer a 50% retainer of your usual fee if you wish to take a holiday.  Two weeks notification is required if you would like to take advantage of this offer otherwise usual fees will be charged.

These will be available through our centre.  Please ask for the forms.  You will be expected to pay full fees until the subsidy comes through, and then any other payment will become a credit.

You will be expected to pay the normal rate for Statutory days.

Because the Minstry is only paying for 6 hours per day, and we are open for 10 hours, there will be an extra charge for hours not covered by the ECE hours.  Your child does not receive more than 20 hours of 20 Hours ECE per week across all services.  You authorise the Ministry of Education to make enquiries regarding the information provided in the Enrolment Agreement Form, if deemed necessary and to the extent necessary to make decisions about your child's eligibility for 20 Hours ECE.  You consent to the early childhood education service providing relevant information to the Ministry of Education, and to other early childhood education services your child is enrolled at, about the information contained in this box.